Our DRC Board

Wabucibwa Bwenge Waim

Executive Secretary

Wabucibwa has a B.S. in Political Science and Administration. He oversees PTPL programs in Congo.

Rubingu Ruharara

Education Coordinator Assistant

Rubingu has a B.S. in Social Sciences. He chairs the Finance Committee in Congo.

Nyota Mupenda

Microcredit Administrative Assistant

Nyota has a B.S. in Rural Development. She recruits and plans interviews with new loan candidates and makes loan recommendations to the board.

Nestor Ngolozo

Microcredit Loan Officer

Nestor has a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics.
He is in charge of credit loans, reimbursement, interest and savings.

Ebuela Mboboci

Training Coordinator

Ebuela has a M.S. in Community Development. He is in charge of training and organizes workshops with PTPL’s new clients and staff.

Benjamin Auma

Education Coordinator

Benjamin has B.S. in Philosophy and Society. He identifies the most deprived children and make recommendation to the Board. He also visits the school to monitor children’s progress, and disburses payment on behalf of the children.