The Need Is Great

First Focus: Education

PTPL provides financial support to children who would not otherwise be able to attend school. We work primarily with children whose parents are unable to pay tuition.

Our Challenge

PTPL has a proven track record of helping the Congo’s young refugee population access vital educational resources and assisting women develop self-sustaining businesses. A little money goes a long way. With our low-overhead, the majority of your donation will help young people and women in the Congo achieve a better, healthier, brighter life!

Microcredit Loans

PTPL also offers microcredit revolving loans to women enabling them to start or grow small businesses to support their families.

Your Support

Your donation goes directly to support our programs providing a humanitarian response to the ongoing violent disruption in the Eastern Region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. PTPL’s board has no office or paid staff. We incur minimal overhead expenses (printing, postage, website, etc.) to tell our story.

Educate, Train, Empower...
One Life at a Time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our Impact

Microcredit Loans

Since 2006, People To People Liaison (PTPL), through a partnership with the Fuliiry Cultural House (CACF) based in Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo, grants micro¬credit loans to women to fund a small business. From the beginning of the program to this spring, over 207 women have been helped to financial independence by small loans.


  • With my increased earnings, I now can send my children to school, and I can afford health care and household needs.

  • After getting a $100 loan from PTPL, I started selling donuts and yogurt. I am now able to pay for school for my children.

  • I decided to visit PTPL’s office seeking a business loan. I received a $100 loan. I have been blessed to now have two copy businesses, one in Uvira and one in Bukavu. The microloans have helped me tremendously.

Some of the entrepreneurial activities the women are engaged in are sales of articles, like fruits, pastries, fabric, mosquito nets, beans, rice, dried fish, charcoal. Other businesses include a pastry making venture and a small restaurant.

Education: Espoir Moesho


PTPL Featured in the Greensboro Project

The “Greensboro Project: Many Voices, Many Stories” was an independent project started by Karun Prasanna of North West Guilford High School. Karun interviewed

25 Jul

PTPL Partnership with Ten Thousand Villages

On the evening of October 26, Ten Thousand Villages and the PTPL Board
welcomed family and friends to our first Community Shopping event.

Ten Thousand

26 Oct

PTPL Raises $2.3K in “Human Race”

As the only participating Greensboro non-profit supporting Eastern Congo, People to People Liaison (PTPL) raised $2,345 in this year’s Human Race sponsored by

1 Apr

International Fair Features Eastern Congo

Surrounded by brochures, pencils, and poster-sized photos of Congolese students, PTPL-USA Executive Director, Bahekelwa Imatha, represented Congolese non-profits at this year’s Greensboro Montessori

11 Jan

News on Congo at PTPL Annual Meeting

PTPL serves internally displaced refugees in eastern Congo impacted by the country’s long war, but as we know, there are thousands more who

11 Aug

Irene Consolante’s life is changing!

In November 2012, Greensboro resident Mimi Furaha, co-founder of PTPL, returned to the Congo to see family members and to visit PTPL programs.

8 Aug