Sabena Sumuni
Microcredit Member

I have six children, two boys and four girls, all in school. Before getting a PTPL microcredit loan, I was selling coal and dried fish. Initially, I received a $50 loan and then a $100 loan. The loans helped me diversify my merchandise. Now, with more merchandise, I not only sell in my neighborhood but I also go from market to market selling my products. With my increased earnings, I now can send my children to school, and I can afford health care and household needs.

Faida Basele
Microcredit Member

Before my PTPL Microcredit loan, I was selling corn flour. After getting a $100 loan from PTPL, I started selling donuts and yogurt. They made a big difference in my business. I am now able to pay for school for my children. To make good use of that loan pays back. We have become financially independent thanks to that loan.

Nangafu Sumini
Microcredit Member

I am a mother for 4 boys and 4 girls. They are all alive. Before getting a loan, I was selling cassava flour, dried beans and rice thanks to my small savings. Then I decided to visit PTPL’s office seeking a business loan. I received a $100 loan. I have been blessed to now have two copy businesses, one in Uvira and one in Bukavu. My son and husband are working with the copy machines and I am selling groceries. The microloans have helped me tremendously.


Education Program Beneficiary

My name is Madeleine. I am 16 years old. I am in the 12th grade, in the section of Pedagogy (or education). I would like to study journalism at the university. People to People has helped me with my education since the 6th grade and now I am about to finish high school. I thank you PTPL.

Education Program Beneficiary

I am a girl who did not know my parents; they died during the war when I was a baby. Now I am 14 years old and am in the 9th grade. My grandmother, Mwajuma Siapata, initially facilitated my admission to Amani Primary School because she learned that there was an NGO named PTPL that provided financial assistance to orphans to go to school. At the death of my grandmother, I had completed the 5th grade, and I moved in with my aunt. PTPL has continued to provide for my education. I can assure you I am studying without any problem thanks to your organization. Long life to PTPL!

Ungwa Auma
Education Program Beneficiary

My name is Ungwa Auma, I am a scholarship student in the 10th grade at Alembe High School, in Mboko. I am very grateful for your assistance; I have been admitted in the PTPL scholarship program since I was in the 4th grade. However, there are a number of problems at home. Lack of decent clothing and enough to eat are the most severe. I would like to request that you provide us with vocational training that will enable us to help ourselves with the basic needs. Once again, thank you.