News on Congo at PTPL Annual Meeting

11 Aug

PTPL serves internally displaced refugees in eastern Congo impacted by the country’s long war, but as we know, there are thousands more who have fled the country and live in refugee camps in surrounding countries.

At our Annual Meeting on November 17th, longtime refugee advocate Raleigh Bailey discussed his slide show of Rwanda refugee camps where 73,000 Congolese are living, some for their entire lives. Bailey, founder and former director of Greensboro’s Center for New North Carolinians and a life-long advocate for international refugees, led a group of about 20 resettlement professionals and advocates to Gimemba Refugee Camp last summer.

The purpose of the trip was to assess the living conditions of refugees in the camp in anticipation of the U.S. State Department’s plan to begin resettling 10,000 Congolese to the United States next year. Some of them will be resettled in Greensboro.

Bailey reported that camp conditions were becoming dire as food supplies were being cut in half because UN and food aid organizations were stretching their resources to respond to the refugee situation in countries around Syria.

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