Irene Consolante’s life is changing!

8 Aug

In November 2012, Greensboro resident Mimi Furaha, co-founder of PTPL, returned to the Congo to see family members and to visit PTPL programs. She met with several of the vocational students, including sewing program student, Irene Consolante. Here’s what Irene had to say about her training:

I was born in a family of nine children. Our father left when I was in the 10th grade and we never heard about him since. I stopped my school and started working as a maid in order to help our mother with the education of my younger siblings. When PTPL found
me, I had given up on education classes, but now with the new PTPL vocational program, I am in training for sewing. My goal is to get a job or open my own workshop.

With a skill like sewing in demand in the Congo, Irene has a great opportunity to raise herself out of poverty. PTPL is proud to assist young adults with practical training to obtain skills to help support their families. With your help, we can expand this program to provide tuition for vocational training for more students like Irene.

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